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So…you've sailed through your college exams and bagged yourself a place at uni - awesome news, well done! This means that pretty soon some of you will be leaving home and moving away to live closer to your chosen university. But what on earth do you need to take with you?!

Don’t fret, Mobile Madhouse have got the answers! To help you out, we’ve compiled a handy checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Going off to university is an exciting time and we're here to make the transition as easy as possible. You probably won’t need every single item on this list – all of which has been suggested by current and former students – we’re simply putting all this info in one handy place because that’s the type of people we are here at Mobile Madhouse.

 We've split our checklist into what we think are the most important parts of uni life: work, eat, play and, of course, sleep!

Use our essential ‘Off To University Checklist’ to make sure you ace the big move.  You can print out this list to make sure you’re fully prepared, or simply browse below to get the final bits. – Don’t forget to check our site to see if we can help with any of the accessories you might need.


The main goal of uni is obviously to study. In this day and age, much of your work life at university will be online and it's important to get properly kitted out with the best technology and accessories that you can afford. Here are some of the essential things we think you’ll need, and don’t forget to explore our wide range of affordable laptop and tablet device accessories.

  • Computer / Laptop / Tablet Device
  • Printer
  • Mobile Phone & all the accessories – make sure you get a protective case!
  • Phone Charger/Dock
  • Course books
  • Stationery
  • Notebooks
  • Extension lead
  • Waste paper bin
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We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play hard”, but University isn't all about studying. Use your spare time wisely to make some new friends, pick up new hobbies, discover new talents and inevitably have fun along the way. Be sure to check out our range of camera accessories and audio accessories as these will come in useful!

The items we would suggest that you’ll need in your down time are:

  • TV (don’t forget you’ll need a TV licence)
  • HDMI cable to stream from your laptop or phone
  • Speaker – just in case you throw the odd house party
  • Headphones – for when everyone else is in bed but you want to keep the music going!
  • Camera – to capture those memorable moments (we stock a wide range of camera Accessories, including the must-have gadget of the year the selfie stick!
  • Games console
  • Sports equipment – we even sell Sports Armbands!
  • Board games

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No one has ever said that University life is easy, but it’s certainly worth it! You’ll be on the go and you’ll need to keep your energy up. So it goes without saying that you need to eat - don’t underestimate the importance of eating healthy while studying. Freshly prepared, healthy meals will enhance performance and keep energy levels soaring. Discover our sister company’s great value range of kitchen products at Savitso. Some of the things we think you’ll need are:

  • Plates / Bowls
  • Cutlery
  • Mugs/ Glasses
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Kitchen draw essentials, corkscrew, bottle opener, scissors and peeler
  • Chopping board
  • Pots and Pans

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If you’re staying in halls, call ahead before you make the move to find out what’s already in your room. You may find that the university has provided the main items, such as desk lamps and bins for you.

You’ll want to create a bedroom that's home away from home - the perfect place to relax and switch off after a hard day studying. Stick with essentials listed below and you’ll be fine.

 The obvious things you’ll need to take for your room are:

  • Duvet
  • Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Storage boxes
  • Hangers
  • Photo frames
  • Mirror
  • Cushions
  • Throw/blanket
  • Alarm Clock
  • Bath towels/toiletries

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Top Tips:

  • Don’t forget to pack clothes, beauty products and personal items, your favourite photos and any bits to help personalise your room.
  • Aim to travel light. You're moving into a small room with very limited space so don’t try to take everything you own. Plus, you'll probably be moving out again in June!
  • We think one large suitcase of clothes, a couple of boxes of other stuff and a bin liner of bedding is about the right level of things to take with you.
  • Don't splash out on expensive items. You'll find perfectly good duvet covers, kitchen accessories and stationery at the likes of Ikea, Argos and the other big supermarkets. Most stuff won't survive your first year, so there's no point spending lots of your hard earned cash on it.
  • Before you go out and buy anything, make sure you've checked what the uni will be providing. You don't want to turn up with a lot of stuff that's already been provided.
  • Try to team up with flat mates when purchasing household items like kettles, toasters, pots and pans. Whatever happens, there's likely to be a shop selling all of these things when you get there. So if you do forget something vital, don’t panic too much, it shouldn't be difficult to replace/purchase while you’re away.
  • In a nutshell: work, play, eat, sleep, repeat and ENJOY!

So there you have it, that should help make the move to uni as swift and as easy as possible!

Be sure to check out Mobile Madhouse for all the latest and greatest tech accessories throughout your time at uni! Our product range is regularly updated with the newest products so don’t forget to pop back to the site!

Back to uni header banner

So…you've sailed through your college exams and bagged yourself a place at uni - awesome news, well done! This means that pretty soon some of you will be leaving home and moving aw