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Crazy phone accessories

Last Thursday, we launched a competition on the Mobile Madhouse Facebook page, inviting people to design the craziest mobile accessories they could imagine! After some intense debate amongst ourselves, we've sifted through the 40+ entries and picked out our five winners - all of whom will win a free phone case for their efforts!

Best five crazy accessories!

1 - Cat Translator! 

First up is Jamie Gallant, who thought up the USB human-to-cat translator. Designed for the pet lovers out there, this accessory would allow a user to talk to their cat via Skype! Though you might miss out on being batted awake by your kitty, you could at least carry on a spirited conversation with her!

2 - Phone Breathalyser!

Second, Mary Hazel Heatley, designer of the alcohol breathalyser peripheral! Definitely an accessory I can get behind - this accessory would plug into your phone and prevent you from sending the kind of drunken texts you would regret the next day. A true life-saver!

3 - The Phone Parachute!

Next is Helen Moulden, who birthed the idea of the phone parachute! Equipping your handset with both a sensor and a parachute, this device would sense velocity and open the parachute, preventing the possibility of drops affecting your device! Though we're fond of a good grip case, ourselves, the illustration that accompanied Helen's entry was far too good to not include!

4 - The Phone Zip-Line!

Next up is Samantha Ripley, originator of the phone zip-line! Clearly not a fan of fumbling her phone out of her pocket, Samantha's gadget concept would extend a zip-wire from your handset and take it right to your ear in the event of calls - taking hands-free communication to a new extreme!

5 - The Phone Wardrobe!

Last but not least, Jess Coleman created the idea of the phone wardrobe! Ideal for the user who wants their handset to stand out, the phone wardrobe would allow a user to select an outfit of choice for their phone. A cute enough idea - but what swung it for us was Jess mentioning a variety of different interchangeable moustaches for your phone! 

Best five useful accessories!

That's not all, though! We were also impressed by several accessories which, while not quite as crazy as the above, were certainly useful ideas! The following five entrants have also earned phone cases for their efforts:

 Philip Davies, inventor of the FireSteel Flint phone case, allowing a user to light fires on the go!

 Tracey Taylor, inventor of the digital photo frame case, allowing a dynamically updated background for your phone!

 Kim Styles, inventor of the makeup phone case, with a glossy mirror back and side storage pockets for makeup!

 Judith Mse Eddington, inventor of the built-in camera tripod, allowing the dedicated snapper to take steadier photographs!

 And Anita Hargreaves, inventor of the phone whistle, allowing you to find the location of your mobile just by whistling!

Honourable Mentions

There were some other ideas we were fond of that sadly didn't make the cut. Amanda Hattie created the concept of a plant pot docking station, an in-depth idea that included a hidden speaker (disguised as drainage holes) and a brown solar panel, mimicking the appearance of soil. Designed for those sunny days when you're sunbathing in the garden, this idea certainly captured our imagination! 

Another idea that piqued our interest was Hayley Hobbs and her suggestion of a pair of plug-in legs for your phone. The idea of your mobile scuttling along your bedroom floor in the morning, alarm blaring and a bleary-eyed user chasing it brought a smile to our faces!

In the same vein of waking up early, Lia Burns came up with the idea of a hand that would slap you in the head in the mornings, to ensure you couldn't ignore your alarm and sleep in - ouch!

Some of the ideas were a little odd, though - for example, we're wondering exactly why Ana Cain needs bulletproof glass on her phone! We didn't think Mafia hitwomen would be frequenting our Facebook page!

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Mobile Madhouse

Last Thursday, we launched a competition on the Mobile Madhouse Facebook page, inviting people to design the craziest mobile accessories they could i