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Fathers Day gift ideas for under £10!

Thanks to the Mobile Madhouse Father’s Day promotion, choosing a gift for your dad that he’ll actually appreciate has never been easier – or cheaper!

What have you got planned for Father’s Day? This year Father’s Day is on 15th June 2014 so now’s definitely the time to start thinking about what you’re going to do - and equally as important, what gift you’re going to get him.

Coming up with the perfect gift idea for Father’s Day can certainly pose a conundrum. After all, there’s a limit on the number of pairs of slippers, driving gloves and tool belts one man needs – and let’s face it, for a lot of us that limit is zero.  Alcohol is always an option and generally goes down well – but then again, it’s about as original as buying your mum a bunch of service-station flowers for Mother’s Day.

The trick is to look for something that’s practical and at the same time desirable. If your dad’s walking around with an unprotected smartphone in his pocket, the chances are he’s going to be impressed by a handy little protective device. Our cases are smart, practical and are guaranteed to be actually put to good use.

The Handy Sports Armband!

Does your dad pound the streets or lurk at the gym? Perhaps he’s been meaning to get fit but just needs a spur to get him motivated? Either way, sports armbands are going to fit the bill. He’ll be able to check his sports tracker app with one glance – and more importantly he’ll be able to shuffle through his playlist without the hassle of having to stop and fumble through his shorts pockets.

This armband is tailor-made for your phone, and fits securely around the arm thanks to a fully adjustable Velcro fastening. It looks great, it’s practical and it’s the complete opposite of a pipe and slippers!

The Classic Leather Flip Case!

Whatever smartphone your dad’s carrying, we’ve got a leather flip case for him. This type of case looks equally at home on the train, in the boardroom and in the pub so there’s certainly no fear of your dad being embarrassed to be seen out with it.

We use polyurethane leather in our flip models so you get the look and feel of traditional leather but with a degree of rigidity to ensure that the case stays in premium condition. The PU construction also means that it won’t scuff or crease easily when your dad takes it in and out of his pocket. You also get a free screen protector with the case.

These cases are amazingly priced as well.

The Rugged Hard Case!

Present your dad with a mobile case and one of the first things he’ll wonder will be, ‘Is this going to work?’ There are no worries on that score with our range of hard cases. In fact, you’re spoiled for choice across our range if you’re looking for a solid option. Don’t forget – each one of our covers comes with a perfectly-fitting screen protector as well.

For a designer model for instance, be sure to check out our Case Mate selection. For value, style and complete protection though, it’s hard to beat our X-Line cases. Featuring a signature upraised back for extra grip in addition to a perfectly-fitting form, this case is going to give your dad’s phone complete protection – not just from day-to-day scratches and dents but also from the hardest of falls.

So why do we have to bother with Father’s Day at all? It has to be said (compared to the ancient Mother’s Day tradition at least) the day itself doesn’t have a particularly impressive pedigree. It originated in the U.S. at the beginning of the last Century when a young lady in Arkansas came up with the idea of a day for dads to mirror Mother’s Day. She got her pastor involved and the date chosen was the third Sunday in June (principally because that was the earliest date by which he could prepare a suitable sermon). Attempts were made to promote the idea on a national level but without much success initially. It was only after the ad-men got hold of the concept in the 60s and 70s that the idea of Father’s Day really took off. Lots of other countries followed suit so that’s why we celebrate the occasion when we do.

Getting a Father’s Day present has never been easier! There’s no excuse to leave it to the last minute this year. Check what model phone your dad has. Scroll through our phone case selection. Make your Choice. It’s as easy as that. 

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Thanks to the Mobile Madhouse Father’s Day promotion, choosing a gift for your dad that he’ll actually appreciate has never been easier – or cheaper!

What have you got planned for Father’s Day? This year Father’s Day is on 15th<span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-