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New Year, New Brands; the A-Z

The New Year’s brought new brands to Madhouse this year, we’re offering you the best of the best from Bassbuds to Hitcase and IONIKK to SwitchEasy we have you covered! Check out our A to Z guide to the latest brands right here: (Click brand title to shop the range)


A group of young engineers at AirMask have come up with a revolutionary way of looking after your mobile – and Mobile Madhouse is proud to showcase their efforts by bringing you the very best AirMask cases.  As thin as two sheets of paper and weighing in at less than 10 grams, the AirMask seamlessly blends a screen guard and a case; clasping these two essential elements together to provide wraparound protection for all parts of your phone.


The guys at BassBuds confidently describe their product as “quite possibly the best in-ear earphones on the planet”. Having put them through their paces, we’d have to say that they could just be right. Sam Smith, Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, and Rita Ora: these are just a few of the many artists who’ve sang the praises of these beautifully designed in-ear headphones. So far as sound quality goes, they’re not called BassBuds by accident.


Whereas some makers of mobile phone cases are trend followers, Beyzacases proudly refers to itself as a trend maker – and few who’ve browsed through their range of designer leather phone cases would argue with that. Consisting of a team of Istanbul-based artisans trained in the finest traditions of luxury leatherwork, Beyzacases lays claim to the title of creators of the world’s best leather phone cases. In the eyes of this expert manufacturer, quality is everything. This means full-grain cowhide for durability, softness and shine. Fine stitching, an accurate cut and a protective outer-layer all come as standard.    


Once we caught sight of Boostcase phone cases here at Mobile Madhouse, we just knew our customers would love them. Boostcase believes function and fashion should go hand in hand and the results can be seen in a range of stunning cases for the likes of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S.

Fifty Three;

Based on the idea that great tools inspire great ideas, FiftyThree products have been described as the most natural way to get creative on an iPad or iPhone. Much more than a mere stylus, the FiftyThree Pencil features technology that integrates seamlessly with the operating system of your iPad or iPhone. This results in the most natural pencil usage possible, thanks to a unique tip that allows you to create lines and strokes of all types – just like a real pencil.


Straight out of Southern California, Hex phone cases, tablet and laptop cases have caused a real stir in the San Francisco Bay area. Now, Hex is becoming a buzzword globally and Mobile Madhouse is helping to spread the word. If you’re looking for designer quality protection for the likes of the Microsoft Surface 3 and other top devices, browse through our range to explore what this street-savvy US brand has to offer.



Skiers, snowboarders, jet skiers, surfers, divers… in fact, anyone who’s serious about keeping their phone safe and sound from the elements is going to love Hitcase phone cases. Hitcase specialises in designing 100% waterproof, shockproof and mountable smartphone cases.


A British electronics company with a twist, i-box is the result of the founders’ passion for music and unrivalled knowledge of the tech industry. Established in 2012 by regular, everyday guys, i-box’s mission statement is to design exceptionally cool products that you and your mates will be proud to own.


Incase hails from California and consists of a team of creatives who are quite simply obsessed about amazing design. Now, Mobile Madhouse brings you a hand-picked selection of the best of what this company has to offer with our range of Incase phone cases and tablet covers.


iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and iMac owners in the know head straight to IONIKK for essential accessories. The reason for this is simple: IONIKK really ‘gets’ what Apple is all about and comes up with the best Apple accessories every time. Now, Mobile Madhouse is pleased to bring you their finest offerings in our hand-picked range of IONIKK iPhone and iPad accessories.


An industry leader in car accessories, iOttie prides itself on delivering functional and modern products to enhance your mounting needs. Combining design innovation with unique style, these trend-setting gadgets undergo rigorous stress and vibration testing to ensure optimum performance and unparalleled security for your device during transport.


JLab Audio creates award-winning personal audio. Whatever you’re into and however you like to listen, JLab will keep you rocking with high quality gear driven by inspired design. Now, Mobile Madhouse brings you the very best JLab earphones and headphones: perfect for top devices such as the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Just Must;

Looking for a designer phone case without breaking the bank? You’ll find just what you need with Just Must cases from Mobile Madhouse. From Just Must ‘Chic’ leather iPhone 6S cases to Samsung Galaxy S6 combo cases, we have the best Just Must protection for the most popular smartphones on the market. Buy Just Must cases online today and get FREE standard delivery on all UK orders.


Mobile Madhouse is proud to introduce a hand-picked selection of LUNATIK phone cases. With their obsessive attention to detail, LUNATIK admit to being a little bit crazy about smartphone protection. Their mission is to bring to life transformational design ideas – often involving entirely new ways of combining materials, resulting in products that are totally unique in the world of designer phone cases.


Make the most of your tablet as a creative tool with a Lynktec stylus, available to buy online right now from Mobile Madhouse with FREE standard UK delivery on all orders. Lynktec specialises in delivering a true pen and paper writing experience for the iPad, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and many popular Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Nexus 9.


Camping enthusiasts, festival goers – and in fact anyone who wants portable, limitless source of light - is going to love MPOWERD solar lights. Using solar energy, this US- based manufacturer has created a classy range of portable lamps that put the power of the sun in the palm of your hand.


Before you put your iPad in tiny hands, make sure you protect it with Ndevr iPadding – available to buy online right now from Mobile Madhouse. With cases for the iPad and iPad Mini, iPadding is designed for playful kids and their anxious parents. Funky and fun, iPadding is tough, flexible and non-toxic to keep your iPad and your little ones in safe hands.

On your Case;

Mobile Madhouse is proud to offer a range of stylish retro cases from the leading US designer, On Your Case. These designer cases consist of a tough, super-thin polycarbonate shell designed as a precise fit for your mobile. The design is integrated into the case using sublimation technology; a dye process that binds the ink into the surface, resulting in an ultra-durable imprint that won’t fade away or scratch off.  On Your Case is the name to remember for head-turning iPhone covers that keep your mobile out of harm’s way.  

Ora Ito;

Award-winning designer, Ora Ito brings visionary simplicity to headphones, speakers and folio cases for top smartphones and tablets. Mobile Madhouse is proud to offer you the very best genuine Ora Ito iPhone 6/6S cases and in-ear headphones.


No serious collection of the world’s best phone cases should be without OtterBox accessories. Buy genuine OtterBox cases for top devices such as the iPhone 6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S6. OtterBox support systems such as the iPhone 6S Defender case undergo an astonishing 238+ hours of testing. Quite simply, there’s nothing quite like them for standing up to the full barrage of wear and tear that your phone is put through in the course of its life


If battery life is a problem, PhoneSuit has the solution. PhoneSuit battery packs offer universal charging for just about any portable device and with dual USB ports you can even power up your phone and tablet at the same time


When the investors on the US equivalent of Dragon’s Den came across the Power Practical PowerPot, they were falling over themselves to get a piece of the action. Now, thanks to Mobile Madhouse, UK buyers can get hold of this genius phone charger with FREE standard UK delivery on all orders.


Just like a kangaroo keeps her young safe and sound in her pouch, Roocase does the same for your phone or tablet. Mobile Madhouse has put together a range of some of the best Roocase phone cases for you to choose from.


Superior quality leather and obsessive attention to detail: these are the two features that mark out Sena phone and tablet cases as something truly special.


Founded in 2005 with a mission statement to produce the best accessories for the most popular gadgets and computer products, SwitchEasy’s iPhone cases not only protect your device, but also add a sense of unique individuality to each phone.


With a goal of bringing consumers closer to their devices, the multi-award winning TYLT prides themselves on affordable mobile accessory innovation with an impressive range of cables, chargers and power packs.

Urban Armor Gear;

Mobile Madhouse is proud to offer a superb range of UAG cases from the renowned manufacturer Urban Armor Gear. Designed in the USA, UAG cases are made by adventurers, for adventurers.  Each of these quality phone cases meets or exceeds military drop test standards


Hailing from the US and fresh from their version of popular The Dragons’ Den show, Whoosh Screen Shine is a powerful, non-toxic cleaner specially designed to clean smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, camera and satnav screens with aplomb. Safe for any type of screen, this pioneering cleaner has been manufactured from a polymer formula that leaves an invisible coating that resists dust, grease, dirt and fingerprints.


“I want one of those!” That’s the standard reaction when you see Xoopar speakers for the first time. Xoopar have made it their mission to prove that awesome tech products don’t have to come in a square box and there’s no better example of this than the Xoopar Boy Bluetooth Speaker. He may look cute - but he packs a serious punch when it comes to sound quality. He also uses Bluetooth technology to help you get the most out of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop without a wire in sight!


Established in 2007 and based right here in the UK, Yoobao have received universal critical acclaim with their superb line of must-have iPad cases. Priding themselves on technical and design superiority, Yoobao’s cases ooze high-end professionalism and can help improve the overall aesthetic of your iPad with their real leather finish. 

Keep checking the Madhouse website daily to stay up to date with our latest brands and offers throughout the year! 

The New Year’s brought new brands to Madhouse this year, we’re offering you the best of the best from Bassbuds to Hitcase and IONIKK to SwitchEasy we have you covered! Check out our A to Z guide to the latest brands right here: (Click brand title to shop the range)


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