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UAG promises military-grade protection. Is this the best iPhone 6 case?

Looking for iPhone 6 cases? Mobile Madhouse has managed to get hold of something pretty special in terms of phone protection for the iPhone 6. We take a closer look at Urban Armor Gear.

Are you one of the thousands of people waiting for your brand new iPhone to arrive? Instead of counting down the days, you may want to use that time constructively. For one thing, why not do a little research and hunt out the best way of looking after Apple’s new flagship. If you intend to get the most out of your iPhone 6, you're probably going to love what's on offer from Urban Armor Gear.

Do I need a case for the iPhone 6?

The latest iPhone may be a significant step up in terms of innovation. What Apple hasn't invented however, is an indestructible device. If you drop it onto a hard surface unprotected, it’s almost certainly not going to come out unscathed. If your iPhone spends most of its life stuffed in your pocket or bag, the bodywork and screen will soon start to lose their sheen. Common sense suggests if you want to keep your iPhone 6 in mint condition for as long as possible, you need a little help.

More than any other smartphone, the iPhone 6 has been designed to help you get active. With its health and fitness apps and trackers, many iPhone 6 owners are going to be tempted to put their phone through its paces – which, in a lot of cases, increases the risk of drops and knocks.

With all this in mind, take a look at what we’ve got from UAG…

UAG Case- ScoutUAG iPhone 6 Case - RustUAG iPhone 6 Case - Ice

What’s so special about Urban Armor Gear?

As soon as we took a closer look at these designer iPhone 6 cases, we knew they were just what our customers were looking for…

Tested to military standards

The US military is rather particular about ensuring its kit stays in working order – especially when it comes to comms devices. These cases have been put through their paces in the most thorough way possible. For a case to pass muster, the phone is dropped from a height of 48 inches on each face, edge and back. In total, it is dropped 26 times and at the end of all that, has to work properly without sustaining any damage to the screen.

If a case does this, it will be compliant with MIL-STD 810G-516.6. Needless to say, very few cases pass the test. In terms of devices available to civilians, UAG cases are the toughest out there. A UAG case from Mobile Madhouse ensures your iPhone 6 is battle ready – no matter how active you are.

All parts covered

First there’s the case itself. You get the twin benefit of an armour shell constructed from high grade plastic - along with a soft yet tough core that’s resistant to shocks. The vulnerable corners are reinforced to provide extra protection right where your iPhone 6 needs it. A bezel around the screen prevents the display getting damaged if the phone is placed front-down. It’s lightweight too. You also get a separate crystal clear screen guard.

Helping you get the most out of your iPhone 

Most cases promise to give you full access to all working parts of the mobile so as not to interfere with functionality. Urban Armor Gear cases go one better; it can actually improve the way you use your phone – (especially when it comes to the camera). A precision-engineered bezel on the front of the case deflects unwanted flash interference, helping you create better pictures.

Affordable price-tag

Are these designer iPhone 6 cases expensive? Not really – especially when you consider they give you a lifetime of military-grade protection for your iPhone 6 for the equivalent of way less than the cost of an average month’s contract time.  

Check out our UAG cases. See the full range of iPhone 6 cases from Mobile Madhouse.

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Looking for iPhone 6 cases? Mobile Madhouse has managed to get hold of something pretty special in terms of phone protection for the iPhone 6. We take a closer look at Urban Armor Gear.

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