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A Sweet History Of Android

Founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White, Android has established itself as the world’s leading mobile and tablet operating system and currently boasts a mammoth 84.7% global market share. Embraced by mobile giants such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony Xperia, Android’s operating system powers more than one billion smartphones worldwide – exceeding the combined device sales of Windows, iOS and Mac OS X. Not bad, huh?

Boosted by the help of a little company called Google, Android 1.0 was released in September 2008 and the first Android-supported smartphone – the HTC Dream – shortly followed. A stream of sweet updates were regularly unveiled, and the likes of Android Cupcake, Froyo, Honeycomb, KitKat and Lollipop became household names throughout the exceptionally successful history of Android.

It’s hard to imagine a mobile landscape without Android, but that’s what could have happened if the bunch of boundary-pushing creators followed their initial blueprint of an operating system for cameras. And boy, aren't we glad they changed their minds!

Android’s latest 5.0 Lollipop iteration, the largest since its launch, is a masterpiece. Gorgeously simple menus explode with vibrant colour and icons that are modest, flat and exceptionally detailed decorate the screen. The intuitive operating system is like greased lightning – seamless, rapid and unequivocally sleek.  

You may remember an infographic we published in 2013 that depicted the history of Android up until 2013's Kitkat update. With the recent release of Lollipop, we thought it's about time we brought you up to speed with the operating system's latest exploits in a sweet history of Android from inception to modern day.

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A Sweet History Of Android

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