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Top 10 Features of the Google Pixel
Google continues to forge a path in the smartphone market with the release of its Google Pixel model. The 5-inch display and sharp graphics make this one of the more interesting releases this year coming as it does with all the hardware and software that you would expect from a high end range smartphone. Running the latest Android Nougat software, it’s the first phone to feature Google Assistant already built in. There’s certainly plenty to notice about this new kid on the block.
Go Pro with your GoPro: 5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Action Camera
GoPro is the Google of action cameras. Heading out on your bike? GoPro it. Taking to the slopes? GoPro it. GoPros can be attached to virtually anything and record high-quality videos in pretty much any environment. If you’re new to filming your adventures for the world to see, here are five tips to help you turn out slick footage.
WWDC 2016: 9 Announcements For Apple Fans To Look Forward To
Apple’s annual WWDC conference is always something to get excited about. Cupertino never fails to announce a bevy of new things for Apple fans look forward to and this year has covered all bases. If your iDevice user, it’s good news all the way.Let’s take a look at the standout announcements…
7 Great Launcher Apps for an Android Makeover
Launcher apps are one of great advantages Android offers over iOS. If you’re not feeling your homescreen, you can download an app to change it. From the way it looks to the way it interacts with your daily life, you can completely transform your smartphone interface into a personal assistant, with everything working towards making your day run smoother. Virtually everything is customisable, allowing you to make your homescreen as minimalist or as complicated you like. If you’re looking to get away from the manufacturer UI, here are our seven favourite launcher apps in the Google Play Store right now.
How to Stop Your Smartphone Ruining Your Sleep
Staying off your smartphone at night is much easier said than done. All it takes is one notification from Whatsapp message or social media notification as you rest your head on the pillow to prompt you to pick up your phone – the temptation is impossible to resist. So what can you do? Is there a way to swipe through your phone at night and still get a decent night’s kip? As it happens, there is.
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