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The History of Android Infographic

Google I/O 2013 kicks off today. While most people agree Google isn't going to be announcing Android 5.0 a.k.a Key Lime Pie at any point over the next three days, it's still another important milestone in Android's short but illustrious history. Since Google launched the Open Handset Alliance back in late 2007, the continuous improvements made to their Android operating system have seen no signs of slowing down! And as of 2013 - with huge profit margins, some of the most high-profile partners in the world, and a 75% market share - Android has truly made its mark on the world of mobile and tablets. 

To commemorate this sterling achievement, and to kick off I/O 2013 in style, we've decided to mark the occasion with an infographic! It details the evolution of Android - from its humble beginnings at Android Inc, under the guidance of Andy Rubin, up to its present global dominance. If you enjoy the infographic, don't foget to visit our homepage and buy some fantastic Mobile Madhouse products.

Without further ado, enjoy our fantastic infographic, courtesy of our great design team!

Mobile Madhouse

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